We Are a Skilled Team of Technology Lovers .
Four years of eternal trust

Back in 2015 when STA was an idea, We have come a long way to transform it into reality. We have succeeded in building a team of digital age work force who doesn’t believe in the concept of hierarchy, and functions by virtue of talent and expertise in various fields.
Our team comprises of experienced web developers, App developers, Technical analysts & architects, digital marketing experts and creative UI/UX graphic designers that completes our idea of a social & technical talent agency.

Our Mission

Our mission has been and will always be — deliver the best by utilizing the unrivaled skills.


We intend to work hard and deliver the best by believing in ourselves and strengthening our presence in the global market.

What We Believe

We believe in delivering only the best client-centric solutions. With our commitment , passion and dedication.
We deliver robust IT solutions to your business

We strive to deliver results in your business – with effective collaboration among cross functional teams who deliver excellent solutions. Following an Agile methodology in our Approach, we make sure you get the optimal solutions within your budget.


We provide services which are developed with high accuracy, Smart work, dedication, collaboration, passion and perseverance – best practices which we follow .

Deliver On Time

We deliver results before specified timelines because we watch every minute ticking and understand its impact to your business .


We design and deliver a solution by leveraging cutting edge technologies to stand unique from others.

Meet Our Leadership

STA is a place where experts from various fields work towards one objective. We are a skilled team of technology lovers who can transform your ideas into significantly better services.

Sudhakar. T (Co-founder/CEO)
At STA, we not only create a great IT environment but we also reclaim, redesign, rebuild And Regain!

Srinivas T (Co-founder/Managing Director)
Talent Wins Games, But Teamwork and Intelligence wins Championships -Michael Jordan

Harish CH (USA Operations Head)
"Coming together is a Beginning,Staying together is Progress,and Working together is Success."-Henry Ford.

Pavan K (Client Relationship Manager)
“ Intellectuals Solve Problems, Geniuses Prevent Them” said Albert Einstein. At STA, this is exactly the motto that we follow.

Adusu M (Chief Marketing Officer)
"Passion Gives Real Success, Passion Gives Real Satisfaction, Passion Makes You To Grow. “Love What You Do!". At STA, this is exactly the motto that we follow.

Chaitu N(Chief Financial Officer)
"Customer satisfaction is worthless.Customer loyality is priceless." -Jeffrey Gitomer

Lakshman N(Project Lead)
"I never dreamed about success. I worked for it." _Estee Lauder

Siri A(Team Lead)
"Creativity IS THINKING up New Things.Innovation IS DOING doing new things." -Theodore Levitt

Kishore K(UI & UX Head)
Fashion is about affordable luxury..To succeed,designers need to be affordable,wearable,accessible and aspirational. -Tommy Hilfiger

Vamshi(Quality/Testing Head)
"Customer don't measure you on how hard you tried.They measure you on what you deliver." -Steve Jobs