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Enhance your Business with our Cloud Computing & Developer Services
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
We provide you with Microsoft Azure cloud platform that helps in developing and deploying powerful applications defining your business. It is an advanced cloud platform for IaaS, SaaS and PaaS combined with unmanaged as well as managed services.
Amazon Web Services
Leading in services like data storage, networking, analytics, administration, security, application development, deployment, and management, AWS is one of best cloud service provider. We provide you with these services to fuel your business growth.We have delivered our projects successfully due to the utilization of right combination of process
Google Cloud Services
Our team at STA, is highly skilled with cloud computing services who provide you with dynamic insights to help in your business growth. We utilize Google cloud computing services to enhance productivity of your business. It helps you save budget allocation on human resources and reducing expenses to run any online application or solution on the cloud.
Cloud computing service comprises mainly of three layers

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Systems infrastructure which consists of servers, VM’s (virtual machines) and data storage, are hosted by provider.
Platform as a Service (PaaS): Cloud provides a platform for developing and deploying web based and windows based applications in which the environment’s underlying infrastructure is taken care by the cloud service provider.
Software as a Service (SaaS): This cloud based service enables customers to connect to third party applications that are available over the internet, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox or Office 365.

Lower Cost
Higher Productivity
Better Performance
Scalable & Flexible
Secure & Reliable

Quality Cloud Services

Transform your Business

Our Approach towards Cloud Implementation

Our team consists of highly skilled cloud consultants having expertise in implementing cloud infrastructure with customization as per user requirements.

Robust Infrastructure
We provide you with reliable cloud computing services which deal with massive data sets and end-to-end migration of the web or software applications. Cloud also takes care of data security aspects and ensures minimal downtime in case of essential hardware damage.

Maximum Utilization of Cloud Technology
With the help of our cloud experts, We always focus on leveraging cloud-based computing services at its best, and always stay ahead in technological advancements and exploring more in this technology. We try to come up solutions that can help our clients in business growth and expansion.

Cloud Stack
We constantly thrive to deliver innovative and different cloud solutions with the help of cloud services. By the help of access tools we help our customers get access to the cloud network effectively with more efficiency.

Deployment on cloud platforms
By cloud testing methodology, our cloud expert’s team performs rigorous testing and then deploys services on cloud platforms. Our consultants provide you with infrastructure that suits your business.
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