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Branding & Corporate Identity!
Research / Design /Collaboration
Better User Experience is Top Priority
Well structured UI/UX designs
Enriched Experience
We begin with research on bridging gap between customers and their target audience. This helps us to produce sketches and designs of UI and deliver product for enriched customer experience.
Interactive Mobile App UI
Mobile apps drive businesses towards success by providing the best way to connect with their customers. Effective mob app designs enrich user experience and uniqueness is our top priority.
Unique & Innovative
We fully utilize the services of UI/UX design platforms to create innovative designs that have the capacity to shape the future of our clients by providing peerless web experience for their audience.
#What Makes Our UX/UI Design and Development Stunning

With these rapidly changing technologies and businesses, Organizations are in need to transform their designs which can be provided by our design experts team at STA. Our unique approach towards UI/UX design can produce best interfaces for clients to connect with their consumers.

UX Strategy and Design
Responsive Website Design
Motion Graphics & Rich Media
Branding & Corporate Identity
Mobile App Design

Enhance your digital existence with our UI/UX solutions.

Stunning Design

Our design approach towards UI/UX development.

STA(SocialTalentAgency) , Our Focus is provide Top-Notch & Eye-Catching UI/UX development services to the end user.

Research Process
Studying pattern and behavior of client and its customer base help in producing designs to bridge gap between them.

Concept Sketch
Developing sketches and templates of designs suitable to business requirements

UI/UX Wireframes & Prototypes
Converting entire project into prototype which provides structure to the application presenting the layout.

Fully Functional UX/UI
Functionality of prototype is tested so that changes are made in initial stages.

Front End Design
Front end UI is designed with the expert design team to meet the requirement of users.

Development Process
UI/UX application catering to client’s requirement is developed with the collaboration of UI design and UX team.

Evaluation of the fully developed application is carried out with the help of methodologies in order to check its ability and effectiveness.
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