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Expert Full Stack developers who care for your success
Hire Microsoft Stack Developer
If you hire a good Microsoft full stack developer, it can be very beneficial to your business. Applications are developed with Microsoft’s front-end and back-end tools utilizing basic programming languages like C#, .NET. ,Java and Python.
Hire Laravel Stack Developer
Laravel can cater all your business needs due to its simplicity, elegance and quality. It will be very beneficial to hire a fully certified Laravel developer since the applications developed in Laravel are secure and scalable.
Hire Java Stack Developer
With the help of Java language, developers have been very successful in delivering robust and secure applications to businesses. Our developers utilize wide range of Java services and deliver excellent products. Java can provide Web, app, software and custom development services.
Hire Python Stack Developer
Due to dynamic ability of python, it is utilized in applications which need to be developed rapidly and logically. Python can make your applications work with full potential. Python can be used in Back end systems, Web applications and also in Artificial Intelligence.
Hire Php Stack Developer
PHP is used in developing high performance web applications since it provides lot of flexibility to developers. PHP is widely used due to its low cost, responsive nature and adaptability. We provide you with PHP developers who can work efficiently to cater your business needs.
Hire RoR Stack Developer
To create engaging applications, RoR developers can play vital role in creating those kind of applications. This tool can provide you with Custom, dynamic and Secure web applications and our RoR developers can develop dynamic applications to cater the needs of businesses.
Development of High-performance, Quality and Compatible web and mobile apps

We ensure best application development leveraging latest full stack technologies with excellent quality by performing rigorous quality analysis and control.

Smoke Testing
API Testing
Functional Testing
Load & Performance Testing
Security Testing
Security Testing

Applications create impression

Transforming your ideas into high end applications

Hire our Full Stack Developers for development of potential applications

It is different to have just knowledge and have full confidence on full stack development. We provide you those experts with years of experience and expertise of development work who have confidence in converting ideas into potential applications on Full Stack.

Analyzing Customer’s need and their Business history
Our Full Stack Developers have knowledge on the recent market trends and latest updates on technology based on which they utilize skills to develop potential applications which cater needs of customers and accelerate their business growth.

Convert Business into application logic
Logic layer of an application defines the business and very important for business growth. This layer is the soul of the application and needs to be developed with lot of research and analysis. Developers analyze the applications and come up with suitable frameworks, resources and skills needed to develop the application.

Ultimate User experience
Our developers develop applications which are user friendly with easy navigation. All the logics are very much understandable and click numbers are taken care of with faster responsive solutions.

Attractive User Interface
We, at STA, make sure that logic is amalgamated with attractive templates so that users have pleasant experience while navigating the websites. Full stack developers are experts in appropriate tools like CSS,Angular.JS and Node.JS.

API Integration & MVC
Our Full stack developers are capable of understanding API integration and selection of MVC since it is very important for full functionality of an application. Best suitable MVC is selected for an application.

Data Model
Data modeling is a key for the application functioning since it needs lot of strategies to derive the primary keys, foreign keys, views, tables and database structure. Our experts developers put in a lot of effort of get these relational entities for best functioning of the application.
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