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Quality Assurance and Control Services from an Expert Team of Testers
Functional Testing
We validate and verify that every feature of your software application works as expected, so your users have a smooth experience.
Regression Testing
We ensure new code doesn’t cause bugs with previously released software, so users get new features and you avoid costly re-work.
Performance Testing
Through load and stress testing, we show how your software performs with varying numbers of users and queries, finding its breaking point.
Configuration Testing
You need software to work on all supported systems. We make it happen. With our own lab, test design and test execution services, we find the immediate and long-term effects of configuration changes on your software’s performance and behavior.
Isolation Testing
We get down to the nitty gritty details of your system, isolating code to identify the hard-to-find issues. No matter how challenging the bug, our experienced team will find it and help you fix it — solving the underlying issues in the process.
Mobile and Device Testing
Phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and big screens — applications now live in an ever-growing variety of environments. Android. iOS. Amazon. Oracle. Wherever your app will live, we’ll make sure it works.

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Modern Automated Testing Tools for Modern Web Applications

With our high commitment to exceptional quality services, we leverage a wide variety of testing services including unit, manual, UI automation, parallel to increase end-user satisfaction and loyalty for our clients. A team of our adroit developers with high-earned experience, render all these testing services in adherence to all the preset standards, specifications, code of practice and specific customer’s requirements.

Pay for testing as you would pay for any other service. Not for ongoing staffing costs and project delays.

Suits application development life-cycle for projects of any size and duration, including Waterfall.

Adapting our methodology to reflect a project change and ensuring the testing is never road-blocked.

Our testers have the knowledge, accreditation's and practice from hundreds of applications they tested.

Continual communication during and after each project for a successful bilateral collaboration.

Providing a professional testing service real-time, which are available 'as' and 'when' you need it.
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